About US


Sweet Cheeks NZ began in 2007 in Wanaka, New Zealand. My husband and some friends were doing long distance mountain bike racing and the imported chamois cream they were using wasn't working well. 

I had trained with an herbalist in Colorado making skin balms so I came up with a natural, beeswax based chamois cream for them. Wanaka is a small town full of amazing athletes and Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter soon caught on and the local bike shops started selling it. We have slowly grown from there with more than 75 stockists in NZ. 

Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter, Super Balm and Hot Cheeks are all hand made by me, I use natural products sourced from NZ whenever possible and only the minimal amount of preservative in the products. Sweet Cheeks NZ products are made up of the highest quality NZ Beeswax, herbs and essential oils - simple, effective, and healing.

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